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iwaz® Collection

Chia Peng Co. LTD. and its own brand iwaz ® is committed to making comfortable and functional sport socks. After wearing different kinds of professional athletes’ sport socks in the market, we feel those socks are too tight and not suitable for long term wear. Our design team searched for various elements that goes into making this type of socks comfortable and applied them to ours. We use functional yarns combined with different weaving patterns to enhance the socks’ features, like: arch support band; instep mesh vent; and cushioned heel, toes, and sole to absorb impact and retain warmth. These features secure the athletes’ feet and enable them to be well protected and comfortable.

The primary yarn we used is cotton blended with Coolplus® cross-section yarn which wicks the moisture away assuring quick dry performance. In the process of creating the socks’ artwork, yarn application and weaving design, we work with a professional sock manufacturer in Taiwan with more than 30 years of experience in this field. From socks weaving to final packing, we control each production process strictly to guarantee the best quality to achieve our commitment to make the most comfortable sports socks for people who love exercise.




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Copyright © 2018 iWAZ

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Tel: 886-2-918205927
Email: Sophia@chiapeng.com.tw